Literacy Lovin’ Lab

The idea behind the title Literacy Lovin’ Lab is based on the idea that we are all lifelong learners.  We, meaning our students and ourselves, are the scientists, testers, researchers, and test subjects in the classroom.  We are the ones who see what works day to day, what sticks, what needs tweaking, and celebration!  🙂  In this type of environment, the idea that we are all lifelong learners is fully fleshed out.  Literacy is the fabric of every subject and interaction we focus on at school.  Our job as educators is not just to teach, but help our students become engaged readers and writers in this ever-changing global world.   It is an area I have truly enjoyed teaching and my hope is that this blog will provide educators with even more resources and ideas.

*I also attribute the name to some amazing colleagues I was lucky enough to lead in a writing group recently.  The “Lab” was part of the name and it stuck with me.  🙂

Meet Laura

Elementary Educator, Literacy Coach, Teacherpreneur, Educational Literacy Blogger

IMG_2827During the last fifteen years of my teaching career, I have been blessed to work in Washington, D.C. for the bulk of my career as well as Atlanta and the Philadelphia suburbs.  I have taught second grade for nine years as well as 3rd, Prekindergarten, and preschool.

Over the last few years, I began to dive into focusing on building my skills as a literacy leader.  I am somewhat of an introvert (If you haven’t read the book Quiet, check it out), which hasn’t always been celebrated historically, however I’ve come to embrace that fact that despite the fact that I don’t relish public speaking, there are so many ways to share knowledge and collaborate with others without having to be “on stage” (although sometimes that is necessary).  🙂

What has surprised me most about my journey is that my desire to see students grow and flourish has propelled me into some experiences that have shaped my journey and hopefully my ability to share valuable experiences and resources with other colleagues.  I was my school’s literacy co-chair, led a writing workshop yearlong study group, coached teachers individually in grades K-6, was my school’s service learning co-chair, completed an emerging leader’s institute, am trained in Orton-Gillingham, attended TCRWP’s Reading Institute, presented at a writing workshop for teachers on nonfiction writing, and recently presented a workshop at NAIS in 2018 with some former colleagues about professional development.  I mainly share these because I know for me, it is helpful to know what experiences the person sharing has had, not because I want to list my resume for you.  Ha!  🙂

This creative outlet of blogging and creating resources has been a way for me to document my own learning as an educator and an opportunity to give back to other teachers.  No matter who reads this blog, I know that the reflection I can do as a result of rereading what I have put out there (despite its imperfections) allows me to discover more and more about this “lab” that is our teaching career/calling.  Ultimately the growth of both our students and ourselves can lead us to grow, but also enjoy our journey’s together.