Teaching Learned/Sight/Red Words

*If you are looking to explore more details about the research and teaching methodology I will link a variety of places throughout.  Please note that the research shows that learned words are best taught in conjunction with systematic, explicit phonics instruction based on the 44 sounds of the English language. What is the difference betweenContinue reading “Teaching Learned/Sight/Red Words”

Conferring: The Heart of Reading & Writing Workshop

Conferring with students has been cited by some experts as the “heart of the workshop“.  I remember hearing Isabel Beck talking about discovering student’s understanding of a story and she simply stated, “Just ask the child to tell you what the books is all about”.  In some ways its simple and yet the art ofContinue reading “Conferring: The Heart of Reading & Writing Workshop”

Developing the Mini-Lessons & Teaching Points

Once we’ve gotten a sense of what a student or group of students need to work on, we then choose a teaching point to focus on.  That teaching point is at the core of the mini-lesson, whether you are working with a whole group, small group, or individual student.  An important thing to keep in mind forContinue reading “Developing the Mini-Lessons & Teaching Points”

“Cultivating” the Unit Plan – depth vs. width

This picture above/below (that is somehow cut off and I can’t figure out why…ha!) captures what I’m exploring as an educator right now.  How do we simplify our own lives and our student’s lives?  Lara Casey (author of Cultivate what Matters) has created a resource called powersheets that help you to plainly set goals andContinue reading ““Cultivating” the Unit Plan – depth vs. width”