“Cultivating” the Unit Plan – depth vs. width

This picture above/below (that is somehow cut off and I can't figure out why...ha!) captures what I'm exploring as an educator right now.  How do we simplify our own lives and our student's lives?  Lara Casey (author of Cultivate what Matters) has created a resource called powersheets that help you to plainly set goals and… Continue reading “Cultivating” the Unit Plan – depth vs. width

DIY Literacy – Demonstration Notebooks

Since I have a bit of time off, I wanted to tackle a project on my list.  I'm sure many of you have heard of Demonstration Notebooks.  They are a great tool for conferring with students during Reader's and Writer's Workshop!  My small groups and individual time is much more efficient as a result. A… Continue reading DIY Literacy – Demonstration Notebooks