Literacy Unit Planning Guide

Reading & Writing Workshop Unit Resources




Persuasive Writing Research Collection Sheet (print on 11 x 17 paper)

“A Day in the Life” Diary (circle of viewpoints)


Workshop Partnership Planning Sheet

Sight/Learned Words

Sight Word Blank Assessment Sheet_Student

Sight Word Tracking Google Form

Fry Word List #1 1-100

Fry Word List #2 101-200

Fry Word List #3 201-300

Fry Word List #4 301-400

Fry Word List #5 401-500

Fry Word List #6 501-600

Fry Word List #7 601-700

Fry Word List #8 701-800

Fry Word List #9 801-900

Fry Word List #10 901-1000

Dolch List – Prekindergarten

Dolch List – Kindergarten

Dolch List – 1st Grade

Dolch List – 2nd Grade

Dolch List – 3rd Grade

Mentor Text & Book Lists

Coming Soon!

Vocabulary Resources

Frayer Model Graphic Organizer – Full Page Size

Other Vocabulary Graphic Organizer – Half Page SIze

Professional Development Resources

Coming Soon!

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